Domestic Violence Hotlines
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Domestic Violence Hotlines

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The Coronavirus has widespread effects on our communities. Some of these effects may be less in the public eye, and Domestic Violence is of great concern. Often victims of domestic violence are already isolated from their family and friends and adding the current quarantine, loss of jobs, and the high rise in gun sales the potential for even greater violence is a real possibility.

Crime Victims United wants to ensure victims that we are here to help. Below is a listing of hotlines and agencies that serve domestic violent in the surrounding areas:

National 24 Hour Hotlines:

              Domestic Violence                                      800-799-7233

              Sexual Assault                                             800-656-4673

              Child Abuse                                                 800-422-4453

              Human Trafficking                                      888-373-7888

              Suicide Prevention                                      800-273-8255

Sacramento County:

              WEAVE                                                         916-920-2952

              Family Justice Center                                 916-875-4673

              My Sister’s House                                       916-428-3271

              WellSpace Health                                       916-368-3111

Placer County:

              24 Hour Crisis                                              800-575-5352

Stand Up Placer                                          530-885-0443

              Acres of Hope                                              530-878-8030

              Placer Women’s Center                             530-885-0443

Nevada County:

              Community Beyond Violence                    530-272-3467

El Dorado County:

              El Dorado County Crisis Line                     530-622-3345

              El Dorado County Mental Health              530-621-6290

              El Dorado County Progress House            530-626-9340

              California Youth Crisis Line                        800-843-5200

              New Morning Children’s Shelter              530-626-4190

              Center for Violence Free Relationships    530-626-1131

Our office is also available to answer questions and assist with emergency orders should that be necessary.

On behalf of the CVU board and staff we wish you and your family safety and health.

God Bless

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