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4/20/20 – Nina Salarno Besselman

At 12 years old I found myself with my Mother testifying in front of President Reagan’s task force on the treatment of crime victims in the criminal justice system. This became the genesis for this all-important week – wherein we not only remember those whose lives are harmed by violent crime but are moved to act for change.

Crime Victims United embodies this years’ theme of National Crime Victims’ Rights week as every day we endeavor to be the voice of public safety, fight for the rights of crime victims, and serve to inspire hope for safer communities. It is with heavy hearts that in these most challenging of time for our nation, there are those who seek to use these moments to weaken our criminal justice system and erode the rights of victims. Crime Victims United remains, even in these unprecedented times, committed to public safety and that of crime victims.

The safety of our communities, which includes the safety of those incarnated in our jails and prisons during this pandemic, should not mean the weakening of the rule of law to the detriment of our communities. Recently the chief justice has initiated zero bail. The order does not consider prior convictions, ignores victims’ rights, restricts police from doing their jobs, and allows criminals to be released without accountability (see link to letter below). The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has already sought to release inmates early with no accountability. These policies place our families and our communities in jeopardy. We have already seen the harmful and dangerous effects of these anti- victim and public safety polices.
Crime Victims Untied is vigorously opposing these policies that weaken the rule of law and create victims. Throughout this week we will be posting critical information for those in need to seek help and find resources.

Crime Victims United continues to endeavor to inspire hope. As the proponent for the Keep California Safe Initiative (see link below). I am proud to be bringing forth a commonsense initiative that restores balance to our criminal justice system and protects the most vulnerable in our communities. Please join me in keeping California safe.

As we remember those who have been affected by crime let’s be strong in our resolve even in the unprecedented times to ensure the safety of our communities.

God Bless American and Stay Safe,
Nina Salarno Besselman
President, Crime Victims United

Letter to Supreme Court of CA:…/cvu-nina-salarno-besse…/

Keep California Safe

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