AB 282 (Lackey) – Co-Sponsor

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The Voice for Victims and Public Safety

March 4, 2021

Assemblyman Tom Lackey
State Capitol
Room 2174
Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: ASSEMBLY BILL 282 (Lackey)

Dear Assemblyman Lackey,

Crime Victims United is pleased and honored to co-sponsor Bill 282. On behalf of crime victims everywhere we thank you for authoring this much needed legislation to extend protection to victims of crime.

In 2020 Assembly Bill 3234 (Ting) provided for diversion for all misdemeanors with exceptions for crimes that require a person to register as a sex offender, domestic violence and stalking. Although Crime Victims Untied is supportive of meaningful, and well thought out criminal justice AB 3234 was not as it left many victims of crime vulnerable to repeat violence and harm. In particular, those who are victims of hate crimes, driving under the influence child and elder abuse and criminal threats. These are not crimes that should be eligible for diversion. Diversion was created for a minor offense to allow for the rehabilitative efforts. However, the expansion into more serious crimes without victim consideration is unjust. The crimes that this bill seeks to have exclude from eligibility truly protect the most vulnerable in our society. In fact, hate crimes are an offense that would have increased over the last year. AB 282 will expand the list of misdemeanor diversion exceptions to include hate crimes, driving under the influence, child and elder abuse and criminal threat to kill, or inflict great bodily injury.

This bill will truly protect the most vulnerable in our society. Again, on behalf of Crime Victims Untied, thank you for sponsoring this bill. We give our strongest support to AB 282.

Harriet Salarno
Chair / Founder

Nina Salarno-Besselman