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The Voice for Victims and Public Safety


The Voice for Victims and Public Safety

March 4, 2021

Senator Anna M. Caballero

Senator Susan Rubio
State Capitol
Room 5052
Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: SENATE BILL 24 (Caballero and Rubio)

Dear Senator Caballero and Senator Rubio,

Crime Victims United is pleased to lend strong support to SB 24. This important bill helps to close a loophole in the domestic violone restraining orders. This provision which provides the protection of a child’s school, medical, and dental information from the abusive parent will save lives.

Crime Victims United is the voice for victims of crime. Our organization has been in existence for over 30 years and has been advocating fearlessly for the most forgotten in our criminal justice system and the crime victim. This bill will help to protect some of the most venerable victims — children and those of intimate partner abuse.

The Governor stay at home order issue March 2020 had serious consequences giving rise to an explosion of domestic abuse in our communities. Often the most dangerous time for a person of domestic violence is when they make the decision to leave. Crime Victims United has personal and firsthand experience with this, the organization was founded due to the chair’s oldest daughter being murdered when she left an abusive and controlling relationship. Thus, the protection afforded for domestic violence victims via restraining order is critical to their ability to leave and remain safe.

The law provides for wide discretion issuing domestic abuse roles. However, there is nowhere on the form that orders protection for medical dental and school records. This ambiguity makes it extremely difficult for an office to deny the aces to the information thus leaving the victim in a vulnerable and dangerous position. SB 24 clears that annuity and allows for said orders.

SB 24 although seeking to make a small change on a form will provide for widespread protection for domestic abuse victims.

Harriet Salarno
Chair / Founder

Nina Salarno-Besselman