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The Voice for Victims and Public Safety

June 28, 2021,

The Honorable Gavin Newsom
Governor, State of California
State Capitol, First Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814


Dear Governor Newsom,

Crime Victims Untied is pleased to co-sponsor with the Office of the San Diego District Attorney Assembly Bill 341. On behalf of crime victims, we respectfully request your signature on AB 341, which would provide additional protections to victims of sexual assault.

Historically, victims of sexual assault endured even more trauma when dealing with the criminal justice system. Often these fragile yet brave victims found themselves attacked by defense attorneys challenging their credibility, morality, and sexual history. This led to the fact that sexual assault is one of the most brutal crimes and one of the most under reported crimes. Thankfully, the California Legislature in 1974 recognized that sexual assault victims needed broader protection and passed the state Rape Shield Law.

Consistent with changes in the times, California Rape Shield has been amended several times. Current law protects sexual assault victims from being discredited due to their sexual history. Furthermore, the law provided for procedural protections before evidence can be brought into trial. In present day there is a need to expand these protections as technology has expanded. AB 341 requests that this Legislature update this statute considering the exploding online and digital platforms.

Social media now spans two decades and has caused an unprecedented record of one’s intimate actions, words, and photos. These platforms have provided opportunities for defense attorneys to gather information to impugn the credibility of crime victims and cause additional and unneeded trauma. There is a pressing need to protect victims of sexual assault from electronic platforms being used in criminal proceedings.

The proposed amendment to Evidence code section 782 will not affect the defense attorneys’ access to social media evidence. Simply it requires a procedure to screen admissibility when the defense seeks to admit social media evidence. This procedure is critical to protect sexual assault victims from being revictimized.

This bill will truly help victims of sexual assault to have the courage to report and testify to protect our communities. Again, thank you on behalf of crime victims and thank you for sponsoring this bill.

Harriet Salarno
Chair / Founder

Nina Salarno-Besselman