SB 445 (Jones) – Support

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The Voice for Victims and Public Safety

April 2, 2021

Senator Steven Bradford
Chair, Senate Public Safety Committee
State Capitol, Room 2031
Sacramento, California 95814

RE: Senate Bill 445 (Jones) – SUPPORT

Dear Senator Bradford,

Crime Victims United is pleased to lend strong support to SB 445. We applaud the author for his diligence in assisting victims to be able to seek justice.

Sexual assault victims are physically and emotionally scarred for life. A parole hearing forces a victim to be placed face to face with the perpetrator of the crime and relive the trauma of the attack. While it is true that it is optional for crime victim to testify, Crime Victims United works closely with these victims and have found the majority choose to be heard in the process to protect the public from the release of violent and no remorse offenders. As we know sexual assault is the most under reported crime in our society. This due to the personal trauma and fear suffered by the victim. Thus, when a victim does bravely come forward and is willing to not only report but follow through with the many difficult processes of the criminal justice system including the parole process. The elderly parole bill did nothing to protect sexual assault victims from reliving their trauma and in fact forces them to relive their personal nightmare earlier.

SB 445 serves to bring protection to these brave sexual assault victims. We commend the author for his effort and strong support.

Harriet Salarno
Chair / Founder

Nina Salarno-Besselman