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A Personal Message from Nina Salarno Besselman

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This past Friday was the day my sister was murdered 42 years ago – Today, 8 years ago, my dad passed away exactly 34 years to the day we buried my sister.
In reality I buried a part my parents with my sister.  However, my sister’s death gave an incredible strength to my mom and dad. They began a fight to give a voice to those who have been silenced and, with my dad at her side, my mom sparked movement across the nation.
Although today many want to view violent criminals as victims, at 88 my mom continues to fight for the innocent victims of crime.  And she has instilled that fighting spirit in us. 
Time does not heal all wounds but the faith instilled by my parents taught us to take our deepest of pain and find strength to help others.
God Bless the innocent victims of crime and those men and women who work in public safety to protect them.
Crime Victims United will always fight for you and be the voice of public safety.
— Nina