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Tibbitts Bee Letter to Editor

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HERTZBERG’S BILL “California lawmaker pulls bail reform bill in wake of Land Park slaying,”
(, Sept. 10)

This article raises a red flag about the sickening disregard so-called “progressive” legislators like Sen. Bob Hertzberg have for crime victims. Hertzberg explained that he pulled his irresponsible bail bill from this legislative session because there was “concern that the incident in Land Park would impact the bail vote.” Hertzberg’s disrespect and cowardice in referring to the brutal rape and murder of Mary “Kate” Tibbitts, the killing of her two dogs and the arson of her home is inexcusable. He should not just apologize to the Tibbitts family, he should permanently pull his bill.

Nina Salarno Besselman
President, Crime Victims United