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Long-Time Victims Advocate Harriet Salarno Receives Paul H. Chapman Gold Medal Award

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AUBURN, CA — Crime Victims United (CVU) is honored to announce that its founder, Harriet Salarno, has been chosen to receive the prestigious Paul H. Chapman Gold Medal Award from the Foundation for Improvement of Justice, which encourages improvement in crime victims’ rights — and other public safety efforts — by recognizing and rewarding accomplishments and innovations.

  Harriet Salarno            “I’m beyond surprised and incredibly honored,” said Harriet Salarno, Founder of Crime Victims United. “Increasing the rights of crime victims and improving public safety has been my life’s work since my daughter, Catina, was murdered in 1979. It’s just what I do.”

              According to the nomination form, submitted by a retired educator, Sheryl Petersen, “After nearly 40 years, my nominee still works daily to ensure the victims of crime, survivors and first responders are not forgotten. [Her] efforts have led to state and national transformations including constitutional amendments, legislative and regulatory reform … Nearly 3,000 individuals are helped each year.”

              “Our mission is to recognize innovation and effective works and/or programs whose efforts have made positive influential differences in the United States criminal and civil judicial arenas.  It is our intent to provide encouragement for further improvement in the various systems of justice in the United States through both recognition and reward.”- Foundation for the Improvement of Justice, Inc.

              Founded in 1990, Crime Victims United has been dedicated to protecting the rights of victims, supporting and strengthening public safety, and promoting balance in the criminal justice system. To learn more, visit