Our Mission

Since its founding in 1990, Crime Victims United’s mission has been to

Support and strengthen public safety,
Promote balance in the criminal justice system and
Protect the rights of victims.


  • Strengthening sentencing laws for violent criminals
  • Create a safer, more effective criminal rehabilitation and re-entry system
  • Establish and protect fundamental rights for crime victims and their families
  • Assist victims and their families in restoring their lives


Crime Victims United Issue/Advocacy staff works daily to shape policy decisions that affect public safety budgets, sentencing and parole laws, or victims and their families. Crime Victims United evaluates, monitors and influences hundreds of legislative measures every year.

  • Advising elected officials on public safety legislation
  • Rallying victims and their families to let their voices be heard on public policy
  • Working for stronger oversight/monitored re-entry by parolees into society
  • Educating judges, district attorneys on changes to victims’ rights laws
  • Passing or defeating various ballot measures
  • Conducting special events and a yearly “Victims’ March on the Capitol”


Crime Victims United’s non-profit foundation helps victims and their families cope with their loss and move their lives forward.

  • Providing college scholarships for victims and their children
  • Giving legal assistance to all victims of crime
  • Guiding victims’ families through the complex criminal justice system
  • Representing crime victims in the national and state press
  • ·         Under Marsy’s Law we provide a private attorney 

Why donate to Crime Victims United (CVU)?

CVU is dedicated to protecting the rights of victims of crime, their families and safety of their communities.
In this time of COVID-19, CVU is providing the community with a virtual clinic, resources for coping and locating assistance.
After making sure your families are safe and secure, please donate what you can to help us help others.