COVID-19 has widespread effect in our communities throughout California and the nation. We at Crime Victims United remain dedicated to the safety and security of you and your families. It is times like these where we witness the best in our fellow humans – people giving selflessly of themselves to assist others. Unfortunately, there are also those few who prey upon the vulnerability of those in our community and cause harm. Crime Victims United remains steadfast in our commitment to the safety and support of you and your families.

Although our successful outreach clinic has had to be suspended, we are creating a virtual clinic and keeping our office open to provide support. The virtual clinic will feature different areas of concern and the resources available.

Crime Victim United is also continuing its steadfast fight for public safety during these times. We will work to keep you updated as to the proposed changes in our criminal justice policies as a reaction to COVID-19.


Although we have had to limit hours, we remain open and monitor our emails and calls. Please reach out to us anytime.


On behalf of Crime Victims United, stay safe and healthy, do not lose hope  and God Bless the United States.