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The Catina Rose Memorial Scholarship was instituted in 2007. It is the only scholarship of its kind, not only benefiting young victims and survivors of violent crime but youth that have overcome significant obstacles in less than stable environments due to these awful crimes.

It is a terrible toll that is taken on children when violent crime strikes them or their families. Statics have shown that most will end up in a life of crime themselves. For some of these children, their opportunities are suddenly and violently removed from their lives if the family bread winner is unexpectedly struck down. For others, the victims themselves of unspeakable crimes, they struggle to put their lives back together and regain a sense of dignity. It is these young adults which have beaten the odds that we seek to encourage and reward.

In 2007 we were proud to award Dominique Cordero our first Catina Rose Scholarship. As a child of 6 Dominique was molested. She later went on to testify in court against her molester.

Since then, we have awarded a scholarship each year to young victims of crime. Some have endured witnessing the death of a parent, sexual assault by family members as well as strangers, an assault that left a young man blind and a young Iraq war veteran who returned home only to find his sister murdered and took on the challenge of adopting his young, orphaned nephew. Each year we are moved by these stories of strength and courage that these young adults exhibit. One year, upon presentation of the scholarship, one young woman, with tears in her eyes said, “I never knew so many people cared.”

Your support of the Crime Victims United Charitable Foundation’s Classic Cup Golf Tournament shows these young victims you do care. We operate on a donations only basis, and without the support of caring individuals such as you we would not be able to help these young adults and show them just how much people do care.

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CVU is dedicated to protecting the rights of victims of crime, their families and safety of their communities.  In this time of COVID-19, CVU is providing the community with a virtual clinic, resources for coping and locating assistance. After making sure your families are safe and secure, please donate what you can to help us help others.