November 22, 2021

Dear valued Community Supporter,

The Auburn Police Department and Crime Victims United are excited to announce a new partnership dedicated to supporting victims of crime in their time of need.

Comfort Bags – Donation Drive 2021 When an individual becomes a victim of crime their entire life is shattered. All the security and comfort they have known is stripped away in minutes. It is an extremely frightening and lonely place that both adults and children often struggle to recover from, if at all.

First responders play a critical role in assisting the crime victim to begin their steps of recovery. They are the first contact of the criminal justice system to interact with victims at their most vulnerable time in life. It is critical that law enforcement be given the tools to provide support and comfort. “We recognize when officers respond to calls for help this is the moment crime victims are the most vulnerable and overwhelmed as their lives have been completely turned upside down. To be able to provide support and empathy for crime victims as quickly is essential to their well-being. It is through partnerships such as the one we have with Crime Victims United that ensures we are successful” Ryan L. Kinnan, Auburn Police Department’s Chief of Police.

In recognizing this all-important role, Crime Victims United and Auburn Police Department are launching a new program – Comfort Bags. (‘Although these bags may seem simple to many, to the crime victim the comfort bags will provide an essential role in assisting the crime victim to become a survivor. Knowing that the community cares about them is beyond word” Harriet Salarno, Founder of Crime Victims United.

On behalf of the Auburn Police Department and Crime Victims United we ask that you – our Auburn community, join us in launching this essential and innovative program to support the innocent victims of crime.

DOWNLOAD INFORMATION of how you can be part of the Comfort Bags and our community.

Nina Salarno Besselman
Crime Victims United

Ryan Kinnan
Auburn Police Department

Why donate to Crime Victims United (CVU)?

CVU is dedicated to protecting the rights of victims of crime, their families and safety of their communities.
In this time of COVID-19, CVU is providing the community with a virtual clinic, resources for coping and locating assistance.
After making sure your families are safe and secure, please donate what you can to help us help others.