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Resources for Burglary & Scams

Resources for Burglary and ScamsCrime Victims United wants to remind everyone that while we are taking steps to protect ourselves and our family’s physical health, we must also take measures to protect against criminal activities. Unfortunately, during times like this there is a criminal element of the population that preys upon our fears and vulnerabilities. Amid the COVID 19 pandemic there are scams and burglaries that are on the rise.

CVU urges that you to take precautions, not to let anyone into your home that you do not know, even if they say it is to provide testing for the virus or health services. There are no said services or testing being offered that are legitimate. These are scams and dangerous individual.

Also remember that scam come in many forms, such as: email, phone calls, text and social media. These are attempts to steal your personal information and money. Do not provide information to anyone.

Please contact Crime Victims United if you need additional support.

As a part of our virtual clinic aiding crime victims, below are several numbers if you believe that you have been scammed or there is an attempt to scam you. Contact the following resources:

Please call CVU f you need the phone number for your local District Attorney’s hot line.

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